– Do I need Photoshop ? Yes, you need to have installed Adobe Photoshop CS or higher, recommend CS2 and higher.

– How many templates are included with the license ? A total of 31 templates in PSD format are included, of course you may modify or combine them to create your own templates.

– How does the license works ? After completing your order you will receive the activation details, please press at the License button in the application and input this activation details. The application will connect to our server to activate the license.

– In how many computers may I install the application ? Auto Class Composite can be installed in up to 2 computers, providing both are yours, you are the only user and they are not used simultaneously.

– Is Auto Class Composite available for Macintosh ? Yes, we have both versions available: Windows Pc and Apple Mac OS X

– Is there any limit on the number of pictures I can place in a composite ?No, there is no limit. Please take in mind that placing many pictures will take some time, therefore we recommed to make a test with a few first and if all is correct then place all pictures; this can easily be done by placing a few pictures in a different folder and selecting this folder first.

– Can I place pictures from 2 or more folders? Yes, just select the shape layer to start with this folder and then select the folder, ACC will fill the selected layer and the next in Photoshop layers palette with the images of this folder; then select another shape and a different folder and ACC will start at the selected and follow the next down. Very useful for placing first teacher images and then students.

– In which languages is available Auto Class Composite ? It is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, you may select the language at the Preferences option.

 Are the shapes modifiable ? Yes, you may use any shape from Photoshop or even create your own one, also shapes downloaded from the net may be used ( must be compatible with Photoshop). And remember that you may add any effect to the shape, the effect will be visible in the pictures.