First create an empty document or open of the templates and resize it to your needs. Then follow this steps:

Create a shape layer, this shape layer should have the same aspect ratio of your pictures.

– Select the rectangle tool

– Cick at the document in Photoshop, a dialog will open to input the rectangle size

– Input a size in pixels (px) with the same aspect ratio of your pictures

Remember that you may also resize any layer at Photoshop using the Move tool ( remember to activate Show transform control at the Move tool)

Now use Auto Class Composite to create copies of this shape layer for all your pictures, click at Adjust template and input the number of rows and columns you need.

Reposition and distribute the shapes in the document for a better look, remember that the Move tool as alignment and distribution tools

Once all shape layers are in the correct position you may fill the composite. Select the first shape layer at Photoshop, then at Auto Class Composite select the folder with the pictures and click at Fill Composite

Select all shape layers at Photoshop, you may do this by holding the Ctrl (Cmd) Key,

then press Delete and all shape layers will be deleted

Select each picture layer in Photoshop and cut out the background

This can easily be done with the Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop

At end you will have all persons in the perfect place with their names below