Adjusting template by creating shape layers for the composite

Auto Class Composite uses one shape layer to create the targets for all pictures in the composite, therefore it is very important to create the first one with the effects, size and form you need. To do this please use the rectangle tool in Photoshop and his variations like rounded rectangle, oval form or abstract form. You may even create your own forms and we have available a tutorial to show you how (

Once this first shape has been created you may use Auto Class Composite to create copies of it for all the images you want to place in the composite, please remember that the filling order for Auto Class Composite is the one used at Photoshop’s layer palette and by using Auto Class Composite to create the copies you ensure that this is the order being used later.

Please select in Photoshop the shape layer you have just created and click at the Adjust button in Auto Class Composite.

At the opening window you have to input the number of images to be placed in the composite using the selected shape layer (this is a new feature introduced in version 9.5), the vertical separation between rows and click at Calculate.

The application will calculate the best distribution in rows and columns for the input number of pictures regarding the size of the currently selected shape layer, a standard space between columns of 10% and the assigned vertical space. If the size of the selected shape layer exceeds the appropriate size for the dimensions of the composite you will receive a warning message and in case you generate the layers it is possible that some rows will be created beyond the bottom border of the document; in this case it is recommended to resize the shape layer.

A list showing the number of images to be placed at each row is shown, you may edit the number of columns at each row, in case the total number doesn’t match the one introduced before calculated the sum at the list bottom will be shown in red. You may add new rows or delete them by using the bottom + and – buttons, then set the number of pictures for each row and take care the sum matches the number of pictures needed.

Please notice that layers will be placed at each row starting at the same horizontal position than the selected shape and up to a similar margin at right,  shapes will be spaced evenly in the row and if a row has less number of images the it will become more space between them. The layer positions can be modified in Photoshop at any time using Photoshop’s Move tool and you may even select a whole row (or a few rows).

Click at the Generate button and the software will create in Photoshop the needed copies of the selected shape layer to accommodate all images in the composite

Once all shape layers have been created you only need to select the first one at which filling the composite should start and at Auto Class Composite’s main window start to fill it with the images.