How to create a class composite in 3 steps using Auto Class Composite:


Once you have created the first shape layer and applied the desired effects or styles like shadows, bevels, stroke, etc you only need to select it in the document or the layers palette and at the Auto Class Composite extension select Adjust template.

Input the number of rows and columns and click at Generate shapes, Auto Class Composite will copy the selected shape layer in the desired rows and columns. If the number of people to be included in the composite can’t be divided into an exact number of rows and columns just create a few more and delete the unneeded shape layers.

Remember that you may reposition any shape layers in the template, just use the Photoshop Move tool


Select the pictures folder where you have saved the people pictures.

Remember that the file names should be those of the people pictured and if you want to take advantage of Auto Class Composite sorting features you have to put first the last name, a comma and the first name like:



Auto Class Composite will start filling the composite from the layer currently selected in the layers palette. This way you may select first a teacher shape and fill it with teachers and later select the first students shape and selecting the students folder fill this layers.

The filling order of the shapes is from top to bottom in the layers palette, therefore the order in the document should be the same ( take a look at how Adjusting template works creating the shapes for you).


Download now a demo and try by yourself how it works. Make sure to select the appropiate version for your Photoshop and operating system.

Auto Class Composite for Windows

Auto Class Composite for Mac OS X

PLEASE NOTE: The trial version of Auto Class Composite will frame your pictures with a red rectangle, a sample template is included.

In case you receive a SmartScreen warning stating this software may harm your computer please click at more info and then Run anyway. This warning is due to Microsoft’s reputation system forcing developers to purchase expensive certificates. This application is free of virus and won’t harm your computer.

Only 55€  for an Auto Class Composite license.

You may install and use Auto Class Composite in up to 2 computers, Mac or Windows, providing the user is the same at both.

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Auto Class Composite includes 31 ready to use templates but remember that this is an extension for Photoshop and therefore you have no restrictions to create your own templates or modify the provided ones to suit your needs.
Many colleges require you to include a picture of the building, a shield or a slogan, no problem because you are in Photoshop.

You may create different shapes for teaches and for students, fill one group and later the other one, applying a different style and size to the pictures.

All the templates will be provided in PSD format with independent layers for the frame elements, this way you may easily redesign the template to suit your own sizes. Also one shape modell is included, just use Auto Class Composite features to create easily as many target shapes you need for your pictures.