Renaming image files

How to automatically rename image files using QR Codes or an external file

A new feature has been introduced in Auto Class Composite 9.5 for automatically renaming image files using an external text file or QR codes.

The new option is available at bottom left of the application main window:

Fill a photography composite with images from a folder

Fill a photography composite with images from a folder

After clicking at this button you’ll get a window with two options, one to create QR Codes / text files and one to process the images

Select QR Codes and load a list (from a text file) or just input the names of the persons / objects you are going to photography

Do not input the file extension, only the name and surname (if needed please enter a comma to separate both names and make it easier to create a new line at the composite).

Once you have entered the list you may create the related QR Codes, they can be created for using in a device like a smartphone or tablet or for being printed. Please remember that you have to take a picture of the QR Code before photographing the person as this will apply the QR code content to the photography of the person while processing images.

Please notice that the photography of the QR Code should be well focused and illuminated, probably you will have to make a test if using your tablet of smartphone for displaying the codes instead of paper.

This is how it will look when printed, for device each code is displayed in a single page.

Now you can take the pictures. Remember, first take a picture of the QR Code and then a picture of the person or object whose details are included in the code and repeat this step for all persons / objects. After taking the pictures start the application again and select process images

Enable to process QR Codes and click at Load images, then select all the images you have take including the ones of the QR Codes, but remember that to each QR Code image should follow an image of the person or object and only one (probably you have to make first a selection of the best image if you took more than one).

The application will read the QR Code of the image and apply the content to the next image renaming it. This content will appear bellow the image in the list and if you select an image it will be displayed as name, surname and subject available for editing.

It is also possible to import a names list from a text file and apply the content of this file to the images, one by one dragging the names from the list to the images or all at once using the option “Apply all names” available at bottom of the window.

Once all images have the correct name at bottom please click at Rename files, this will change the name of the original image files in the drive (notice that it will overwrite the old name) and if needed will include a new line character (#) for creating the class composite.