With Auto Class Composite and Easy Class Composite you may easily create composites for any theme.

The tool will fill the composite with your pictures and include the name of the pictured person at bottom.

Since NOW we have available 2 options to create class composites:


You only need to save the pictures of the group components into a folder and name the pictures files using the name of the photographed person like Wellington, James.jpg.

Auto Class Composite will sort the files alphabetically ( 3 sorting options are available) and place the picture and the name as text in the document open in Photoshop.

Auto Class Composite will help you to create the target places for the pictures, automatically; but even better: you may use any kind of shape for placing the picture and also add an effect like a bevel, shadow, feathered border, etc.

– EASY CLASS COMPOSITE, a standalone application for Windows and Mac OS X

Easy Class Composite doesn’t require having Adobe Photoshop installed®, it has his own design area and composite members are automatically placed in the area you define. It also includes predefined layouts for creating multiple (batch) composites where one member is distinguished at each time.


Auto Class Composite and Easy Class Composite are versatil toola for easily creating composites for groups, bands, sport teams, church congregations companies, conventions, and of course for schools.

Auto Class Composite or Easy Class Composite will easily save you time and money by filling automatically the composite for you

Using our software you will create an awesome class composite in minutes, no matter if you are a pro photograher, a school or a group of fathers, designing a composite is easy.

Includes class composite templates and you may even get a customized composite for each composite member.

With the advantage to get a standard JPG file for the class composite, you may print it at any place including your own printer, a lab, etc.

Class composites at the best price,  with our applications Easy Class Composite and Auto Class Composite (for Photoshop).

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