Class composite made with Easy Class Composite

Easy Class Composite is a standalone application to create photo composites of any kind.

Just input the composite size, add pictures and click at create composite, the application will automatically distribute the pictures for you and print names at bottom of each picture.

You may use predefined layouts* , add masks, clipart and frames. And of course you have full control of texts, fonts, sizes, etc.

Images can be resized, both in his own layer and in the composite, free design, bending rows, magnetic alignment of layers, etc, etc.

*for up to 50 composite members, for more members please use the automatic distribution
Composite framing
Easy Class Composite texts
Naming pictures automatically with QR codes

Automatically name pictures using QR Codes, as easy as taking a shot of the QR code and then photograph the person. Easy Class Composite will import the image files naming them automatically with the data included in the QR code.

QR Codes can be created from a list or manually entered, then exported to a multi code PDF (for printing) or a single code PDF (for displaying in a tablet or phone).

Or you may use the application to rename the files with data from a list.

Easily rename picture images

Only 29.99€  for an Easy Class Composite license.

Easy Class Composite is available for Windows (Vista or higher in 64bits) and Mac OS X (10.8 or higher)

Mac OS X

Mac OS X version is available at the App Store


Easy Class Composite for Windows is available for trial, please notice that you won’t be able to export the result into a jpg file until having purchased a license.

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