Activate your license

Activate your license

Version 7 and 8  for CS to CC 2015:

Please click at the License button at bottom of the main window and input your email and the date of your order adding one new year. 

For sample, if you placed the order on 8th October 2014 you will have to input 2015-10-08. You will also receive an email with this details. 



Version 6  for CS6:

Please right click the mouse at the extension panel to get the additional menu and select Activate License, you will be prompted to input your email address, name and date of support end ( one year after your order date).

Finally click at Request activation to contact our server and get the license, please make sure you are not blocking Photoshop from accessing the net with a firewall.


Versions 5  for CS to CS5:

After purchasing a license of Auto Class Composite you need to activate it, please click at the Help button and locate the identifier number that appears at this window

Please find enclosed a sample of how it looks in the Windows version:


and this is how it looks in a Mac:


Please send this number by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  , as soon as possible you will receive the license file / activation code.

Auto Class Composite for any theme

With Auto Class Composite you may easily create composites for any theme, just place the shape layers in the template and save the pictures in a folder. 

The tool will fill the composite with your pictures and include the name of the pictured person at bottom.